Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Food Stylist's Anatomy of an Infomercial

Kat Barrott

I am a Food Stylist in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I've recently wrapped up a shoot for an infomercial for a soda making machine (Soda Boss) that features celebrity mixologist Russell Davis.

On this blog, I thought I'd begin with a walk through on how a food or drink infomercial flows.

Checking out the set helps with visualizing the concepts of the producer and vibe the set designer's have established.

This Soda Boss set is a fantastic display of the creativity behind the scene's - down to the custom painted black & white checkered floor.

I'm lucky to have Susan Parish Schwab as a Food Stylist Assistant on this shoot.

I consistently try to check how food is "reading on camera" while the show is airing for quality and display purposes.

I anticipate bar tools Russell Davis may want to use for his cocktail garnishes. I've cherry picked items from my standard tool box kit to have at his ready.

Shopping lists were made from the script and unloaded at the break of dawn.

 Russell Davis instructing me on his signature cocktail garnishes. Here he demonstrates a Lemon Flag - a fresh zest wedge to twist for a Martini.

I get busy kicking out garnishes, sans seeds.

Russell's mixology begins with fresh ingredients for contemporary and elegant simple syrups.

Recipe's are included with a Soda Boss and they are Boss!

If you have the opportunity to work with Russell - don't pass it up. Ask Susan and I think she'll agree; He's a great teacher and awesome boss in the kitchen!
Russell can whip up a cocktail in a flash and what's so cool about his drinks is that he has a history or a story with each drink he pours.

The shoot flies by without time to snap another pic and is now ready to break down.

The Soda Boss on set with cocktails and on set garnishes at the end of the shoot.

Hibiscus Tea, Citrus and Sangria Cocktails.

The infomercial shoot is over and these have been on set sitting patiently.