Sunday, August 5, 2012

We are "Food Styl".

 We are now officially known as "Food Styl".
 We previously offered catering for large events in the Tampa Bay, Florida area and have decided to move our focus away from catering all together and now only work with food for Food Styling - Foods for Television, Photography and Film.

 Here's a few shots that I have that are by no means professionally taken, but rather just shot quick in the moment so as to not stray from my tasks of creating more plates:

 This Farfalle / Bowtie pasta was styled as a "beauty" plate for a ceramic core saute pan.

 The producer for this shot provided this picturesque plate for a Cream of Mushroom Soup presentation.

 I loved this photo set!

 Adding a few last touches to a Seafood Rice dish.

The backdrops of herbs really caught my eye. The steam is an actual element of this picture.