Friday, February 10, 2012

Food Styling for Kitchen Gadget Television Commercial

My name is Katryn "Kat" Barrott. I offer Food Styling for the Tampa Bay area of Florida - and other regions per request.

On this product demonstration the client requested a colorful montage of fresh produce as a backdrop for filming a Television Commercial for a new Kitchen Gadget.

We used our Acrylic Risers along with clear glass vessels to enhance the visual backdrop.

I began building the set montage while Mary Jo, my Food Styling Assistant, managed the foods for the TV shoot on set.

The host utilized the gadget for demo takes with cucumbers, red onions, potatoes & more.

For the center of this display, I used whole Russet potatoes and Red Bliss potatoes under the riser with prepped potatoes for French Fries and surrounded the set with visuals of all prepped foods.

The "Speed Rack" (a large cart used to move commercial sized sheet pans) is directly behind this kitchen set. This is what we use to move foods and products from the prep area to the studio.

The Studio that this product was filmed at, has a kitchen prep area available for use, including a stove top and oven. Here I have two turkeys finishing up for a Turkey Dinner Demo.

Putting on finishing garnishes. This Family style landing plate is shown with a fresh Mixed Vegetable Medley, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy.